Featured products

Jeankara short sleeve

R 600.00
Denim shirt mixed with unique African print

Rainbow beaded necklace

R 180.00
Handmade rainbow necklace

Thandwa Shirt:

R 450.00
Extra-length shirt finished with a touch of tribal prints

Nikiwe Dress

R 350.00
Off-shoulder set me free dress with matching headband

Neziswa Coat

R 380.00
Mini coat with ¾ sleeves finished with a stylish Chinese collar

Hexagon Earings

R 80.00
Hexagon Navy and White Fabric with silver strip dangling earrings.Available in navy and white or any other traditional material.

Afrocentric rust hook

R 110.00
Afrocentric statement making 4 cm by 4 cm width dice earrings with leather tassel (11 cm) dangling earrings. These beauties are in demand . They can be worn with white only or black only outfit, or any traditional attire. These earrings are a statement on their own , enhancing your beauty and accentuating your face shape. Available in navy and white fabric, African fabric and mustard leather. R110.00 Available in gold ,rust or silver hook. Recommended in rust hook

PomPom studs

R 45.00
Made for all ocassions

Hoop Earrings

R 55.00
Semi leather rectangular hoop earrings with african detail on the inside.

Clutch Bag

R 350.00
Navy and white Fabric clutch bag with pink detail. Order this with either green, royal blue or yellow detail.

Traditional hexagon Earings

R 80.00
Traditional hexagon Earings

Traditional half moon hoops.

R 80.00
Traditional half moon hoops. 7.5 cm circumference wide.


R 390.00
For those outdoor events, walks at the beach, stroll at the parks and sporty activities. This t-shirt gives you the comfort of being sports active and looking cool in the game. Made with 100% cotton, gives you quality and durable garment.


R 350.00
With the simple yet strategically designed graphics this t-shirt will sure be one of your go to. Plus twenty seven t-shirt taking the South African country code, easily make everyone see this brand is South African.

Night Spring Vest

R 200.00
With the design of a black strip using the form of subtracting light from dark or using negative against positive,it gives you a monochromatic spring mood.

Long line Vest

R 300.00
The long line Vest Combines a design of a dress and vest, with a slim fit design to high light and hug the body’s shape for a comfortable feeling and a relaxed look.

Hug me LBD

R 370.00
Now this one here is tight fitting ,follows a woman’s physique and works well with bith curvacious and slim women. This dress is suitable for a relaxed Saturday with friends and family or a beautiful Sunday over a light cardigan


R 250.00
The Classic Baseball t-shirt look, modernized to a female short sleeve t-shirt, for the out adventurer look and mixing it up with a retro feel of separated color sleeves.


R 300.00

Andiswa Dress

R 1500.00


R 1650.00

Royal Queen

R 1950.00


R 2050.00
Andiswa all-round skirt and epron

Andiswa Skirt

R 1100.00
Andiswa all-around skirt

Andiswa Pants

R 850.00

Ndebele Vibes

R 2700.00
Ndebele inspired custom painted Converse all stars.

Leather low Cut Converse

R 2500.00
All sizes including kids.

Nikiwe Dress

R 350.00
Off-shoulder set me free dress with matching headband

Ndiliswa Tutu Skirt

R 350.00
Print mini skirt frilled with a top layer of soft touch tulle & matching Headband

Koti Dress

R 300.00
Button-up apron inspired with frilled shoulder sleeve

Button Earrings

R 80.00
Hand made wooden button earrings that caters for any type of outfit.

Kay's Kollection

R 750.00
Men's range of African inspired designer shirts designed by lois for actor, Khotso Rammopo