Starniche accessories

I do african accessories. Currently doing earrings. I plan to grow my products in future to include shoes, neck pieces. Bracelets or arm pieces.

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Traditional half moon hoops.

R 80.00
Traditional half moon hoops. 7.5 cm circumference wide.

Traditional hexagon Earings

R 80.00
Traditional hexagon Earings

Clutch Bag

R 350.00
Navy and white Fabric clutch bag with pink detail. Order this with either green, royal blue or yellow detail.

Hoop Earrings

R 55.00
Semi leather rectangular hoop earrings with african detail on the inside.

PomPom studs

R 45.00
Made for all ocassions

Afrocentric rust hook

R 110.00
Afrocentric statement making 4 cm by 4 cm width dice earrings with leather tassel (11 cm) dangling earrings. These beauties are in demand . They can be worn with white only or black only outfit, or any traditional attire. These earrings are a statement on their own , enhancing your beauty and accentuating your face shape. Available in navy and white fabric, African fabric and mustard leather. R110.00 Available in gold ,rust or silver hook. Recommended in rust hook